“Pillars of Freedom” is an international art project with the purpose to of raising and building awareness about the importance of freedom across the world.

“Over-regulation, the use of capital without productive value for the society, the lack of engagement for freedom and most important all persons, who try to mission the world for only one way of living, attack our freedom in these days.”

The project, Pillars of Freedom, wants to re-focus society upon the significance of freedom and remind people of the values and behaviors, which have formed the pillars of free life in Europe over the last 70 years.

I am searching for artists, who are willing and interested to participate in this international art project.

The objective is to create a sculpture with a minimum size of 200 cm height (no limitation on material, stone, wood, steel...). The sculpture should symbolize a “Pillar of Freedom” that is important for a free way of living in our  societies. The sculpture should be installed at a place with free access to the public from November 9 to 12, 2017.

The costs of building the sculpture should be financed by the sculptor or artist himself or by a sponsor. Funding out of this website will be used to finance cost of the project. All rights will stay with the artist.

If you are interested in being a part of this  international network of sculptors, who want to engage for freedom, please register with your name, E- mail, and the place where you would like to install the sculpture (optional if still tbd).

The project focusses on the positive values, behaviors, and examples which guarantee a free way of living for everybody, independent of color and social status. Each sculpture should symbolize a positive message about one Pillar of Freedom, which is important to the artist. It should not reflect negatively on any person or institution.


You can help to make the project a success by sharing your thoughts about values and behaviors, which you think are "Pillars of Freedom".


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Locations of ready Pillars of Freedom

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