Alfred Mevissen …reduce to grow…


  • Born 1958 in Geilenkirchen

  • 1977 study for teaching RWTH Aachen

  • Active in the pharmaceutical industry since 1985, most recently in the field of cancer therapy


Artistic activity

  • 2004 First sculptural activity within the leadership seminar "EinStein- Leadership is relativ"

  • 2006 exhibition in Novartis in Nuremberg on the topic "Perspectives on living with cancer"

  • 2010 First large-format sculpture "Black and White Gold" in public space

  • 2011 Group exhibition Maybach, Bodnegg, Bodensee

  • 2012 Publication of the book "Perfect can anyone-stones as a guide to new perspectives"

  • 2013 Auction of a marble shoe in favor of the Children's Cancer Aid South Tyrol in Laas as part of the celebration Marble and apricots

  • 2015 Group exhibition Mochenwangen, Allgäu

  • 2015 Initiation of the first open Alsdorf studio houses OAAH

  • 2016 Living Sculpture at the Childhood Cancer Center Maria Letizia Verga, Monza, Italy

  • 2016 Initiation of the international art project "Pillars of Freedom"

  • 2017 sculpture "Renewable Energies" installed as part of Pillars of Freedom in Alsdorf

  • 2017 Sculpture "Simplicity" installed as part of the project Pillars of Freedom in Tuglie Apulia

  • 2017 Implementation of an international sculpture symposium in Alsdorf in which 6 large-format sculptures for the Alsdorf parks were created.

  • 2017 Placement of six sculptures in the parks of Alsdorf, including "The fool" on freedom of speech

  • 2017 Lineup of 5 pillars of freedom on the Vintschgau cycle path Reschenpass Meran



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